Jesse Weaver, Ph.D

16's National White

"Logan has been a surprise from the first time I met her, to the last tournament I was able to coach her in. Logan's exceptional personality is humble and aggressive. I know she has put in many unknown hours of training, and shows it in every practice/scrimmage and match. However, I never have heard her talk about it. That's the athlete we all want."

"I loved coaching Logan! She is Fearless, Versatile and Scores a Ton of Points! Good Luck Logan in whatever you do in life! "



"This kid has MAD SKILLS on the court!"
Karen Kline
7th-8th Grade Volleyball Coach
"What did you feed that kid for breakfast? I swear she was almost on top of the net!"
Byron Watson
"I've never seen anything like her. She truly defies gravity!! I guess it must run in the family!"
Quartnee Hill
" I just love the way she hits, it's like she has a secret stealth mode, you don't see her coming!"
Sue Thomas