Outside Hitter/ Rightside Hitter / Defensive Specialist / Libero




Celina, Texas

Current School

Legacy Christian Academy

Frisco, Texas

HS Graduate Year


Standing Reach- 7ft-1in.
Vertical Jump 25in.
Block Touch 8ft-7in.
Approach Touch 9ft-2in.

My Story

Hi, my name is Logan Burns however my story goes a little deeper… My legal name is “Davi Logan Burns-Magoon” and I was named after another redhead in the Bible. His name is “KING DAVID”. When King David was a teenager like me and not yet a king, David learned how to protect his father’s sheep and killed both Lion’s and Bears who tried to eat his Father’s Sheep. David learned to put others first and to obey his father and God which is what prepared David for what came next! David then killed a Giant named “Goliath” with a sling and a rock. Goliath was said to be somewhere between 9-10 feet TALL!!! David killed him without even using a sword. King David then ran over and pulled out Goliath’s sword and cut off Goliath’s head. I know… That’s pretty gross however that’s how the story goes…. Look it up if you don’t believe me!  THAT’S whom I’m named after and I feel like in a small way just like Goliath underestimated David for just being just a teenage boy…

I feel like it’s easy for some players & coaches to underestimate me as well. I’m not the tallest girl out there however I have pretty good Hops and can get up and hit the ball down or get up and Block at the net which surprises some people. I love surprising folks… you might say it’s my secret weapon. 

I currently go to a Christian High School (Legacy Christian Academy) and know that God has a plan for me and I love playing Volleyball. Sometimes I have to work on being humble as God has a way of knocking me down when I get too cocky for my own good. I know I have a lot still to learn about many things however I also must trust God’s plan for my life!

As a result of his experience in the pastures watching his Father’s Sheep, David had confidence in his skills, but the true source of his courage was faith in the power of the living God.

David had a firm faith in the God of Israel, and that faith gave him great courage. … “… At times all of us must stand against those who mock and revile. Some of us, sometime, will face some earthly power as mighty as Goliath.

Now an opponent on the volleyball court is NOTHING LIKE A 9-10 foot Tall Giant who wants to kill me however these stories in the Bible prepare me for life on Earth as one day I will need the Strength of David which I believe comes straight from Heaven!

I love the scripture verse Philippians 4:13. 

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.  Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.

More About Logan

Logan has had many “Nicknames” along the way. “LoLo”, “LoBug”, “Loganator” and “LoGangsta”. She even thought it would be cool when she was a little girl to change her first name to “Ice”. 

“Ice Burns” – Pretty Cool nickname actually as she has been called “Fearless” , “Mentally Tough” and cool under pressure. 

Logan strives to be ready at ANY TIME top be WHATEVER her Coach needs at that point in the game! You need her to Hit? No Problem. 

You need her to Pass? No Problem.

You need her to Play Back Row in the “Defensive Specialist Position” or “The Libero Position”? 

You need her to “Block”? No Problem. 

You need her to “Serve”? No Problem. 

Whatever you need….She’s your “Swiss Army Knife” ! 

LoGangsta… “Swiss Army Knife”.  The Weapon of Choice!

I like to look at life as being in 100% or as I say “FULL SEND”! 

I am much like any teenager I suppose who is excited about driving as I just received my dream car which is a Ford Bronco Convertible! There is nothing better than putting the top down and driving while listening to my favorite tunes!